How To Make Money On Tumblr

Almost everyone likes Tumblr, sharing pictures and gifs makes your life a bit better. Tumblr is not only for reposting photos and spending your time looking at them but it is also a way to make money with social mediaYes that's right, from personal experience if you are really committed on your Tumblr page and you're bound to make your site well-known amongst others, so you should probably search the Internet for online sponsorships. Those kinds of sites are willing to promote your Tumblr account if its context is worth sharing. 

So, instead of just looking through different photos categories, you can actually use your passion to earn your crust.There are plenty of girls who do that, so what's stopping you from becoming one of them? Just browse through hundreds of sites to find the one that sounds more helpful to make your personal Tumblr page noticeable. A friend of mine once tried to explain to me how the whole system works, so below I am going to show you a few tips that you can follow.

You can use ads in your Tumblr page in order to promote it and Google has a few ways to help do that. Search on the web for more instructions. If you like to design things or write book reviews, you can upload a sample of it to let people know what you can do and attract possible customers. If you really are into Ebay, Amazon or Etsy you can advertise your products through Tumblr and add a direct link to those sites. Something really useful that you can do in order to earn some money is to help beginners design their own page, upload their first pictures and guide them safely through the site. Perhaps you can share with them a few tips from your own experience. If only there was a person to help me when I first logged in to Tumblr. Also, you can find plenty of Tumblr pages that tend to promote other accounts and maybe they will be willing to promote either your page or the products you might be interested in selling. There are also some sites (like Rapidgator) that will probably like to buy your files, in case they are worth noticing, through Tumblr. Contests! Yes, that's right. Hold contests in your blog. Clothes, beauty stuff and generally things are a great way to promote your blog and make it interesting for others. 

Try to be a tad competitive. You can also, link your YouTube haul videos or anything you like with your Tumblr blog to draw more attention. The thing with this beautiful and famous site is that you can do anything you like. Reblog, blog, upload, sell, hold contests anything really.

Passive Income Online

Infolinks – One of the Effective Passive Income Opportunities for Bloggers

One of the main reasons that drive an entrepreneur to start a new blog is the ability to generate income with it. Moreover, knowing stories of successful bloggers who have successfully positioned in the middle and become professionals with full-time commitment, all bloggers feel inspired and dream of achieving. In this article I will discuss monetization option of prolific growth in recent years and with the advantage of being highly customizable.


When thinking about monetizing a blog, the first thing that comes to mind is Google Ads. Anyway, in recent times many fellow bloggers have run into problems when trying to register on the platform. Applications may be rejected for unclear reasons and if the application is rejected three times, the website or blog happens to be banned and go without the possibility of having this tool to generate income.

While there are many other options such as affiliate companies and dedicated banners, it is convenient to have content analysis platforms that provide advertisements related topic that your blog is devoted without being invasive or malicious and with the advantage of being popularly accepted as Google Ads.

In this scenario, in recent years, it has been steadily growing a new platform called ‘Infolinks’ related advertising. While many of you may not know its name, surely they have been in operation in many blogs. It is those cases in which we are reading the text content of a site and in the middle of the article we find a word or highlighted phrase and linked to an external domain that also has the peculiarity of being underlined. When placing the cursor over the word, the reader sees a small pop flag that indicates that it is advertising and if you are interested, you can click on the link to access it. It is the time when a click is credited to the site owner and he/she becomes is eligible for the payment.

The system itself is very interesting because the tool analyzes the text independently publishing and advertising offers possible applying them on the final publication, respecting the authority of the administrator to decide what to publish or not.

If you include advertisements within the text itself, you find something invasive for the user and do not like the idea of having small popup that arise from offering advertising content, the tool also provides embedded advertisements in the form of banner and pop-up ads from the site boundary. In both options, the site administrator can choose styles and moments of navigation in that advertising should be displayed.

Thus, Infolinks offers a range of advertising opportunities for your website which are very interesting making it a really simple application making it one of productive passive income opportunities for bloggers.